SELECT funeral package

2,690 lei
Package price 2690 lei
Funeral help 5380 lei
The price of the package is fully covered by the funeral aid. The difference remains with the family. 2690 lei

– Fully equipped beech wood select casket
– Inscribed beech wood cross

Funeral services:

– Doctor’s confirmation and certification of death
– Embalming of the deceased
– Dressing of the deceased
– Placing the deceased in the casket
– Casket handling
– Casket transportation
– Deposition at the chapel
– Preparing files for the funeral government benefits

Funeral accessories:

– 24 handkerchiefs
– 2 Large Towels (priest and chorister)
– 12 Small Towels


This funeral package contains a casket that is part of the select range. The casket is made of solid beech wood, made in 6 corners, with a glossy finish and a sculpted pattern. The casket is fully equipped with luxurious bed linens, handles with metal inserts, screws and a crucifix that adds elegance to it.

The inscribed wood cross is chosen in accordance with the casket and has an essential role in burial habits, from positioning it in relation to the deceased, wearing the cross on the road to the church and the cemetery until the final settlement at the end of the grave.

This package includes the services of finding the death by the doctor, embalming the deceased, dressing up the deceased, respectively washing and dressing, placing the deceased in the casket, handling the casket, as well as transporting the casket and its deposition at the chapel. The package also includes the funeral transport on the funeral day from the church to the cemetery, as well as the preparation of the file for the funeral government benefits.

This package includes the following funeral items: 24 hand-knotted handkerchiefs coupled with candles shared among the mourners at the beginning of the funeral service, the two large towels that will be hand-knotted with large candles and will be lit up at the beginning of the funeral service and handed to the priest and the cantor as and the 12 small towels placed on the coffin, cross, banners, candlesticks, mortuary car and priest’s car.