SOCIAL funeral package

990 lei
Package price 990 lei
Funeral help 5380 lei
The price of the package is fully covered by the funeral aid. The difference remains with the family. 4390 lei

– Fully equipped fir wood social casket
– Inscribed fir wood cross

Funeral services:

– Dressing of the deceased
– Placing the deceased in the casket
– Casket handling
– Casket transportation
– Deposition at the chapel


This funeral package contains a coffin that is part of the social range. The coffin is made of fir wood, made in 4 corners, with a glossy finish and carved pattern on the cover. The coffin is fully equipped with plain white linen, pillow and veil.

The simple cross made of fir wood is chosen in accordance with the coffin.

This package includes the rendering services of the deceased, namely washing and dressing, the placement of the deceased in the coffin, the handling of the coffin, as well as the transport of the coffin and its deposition at the chapel.