Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Death has always been and always will be a taboo subject within any family, but it’s something that can not be ignored. More and more, persons are opening up to the reality of death, and realising that preparing in advance can only ease the inevitable grief and financial issues.

Our Brasov Pre-paid funeral plans are a sensible investment for anyone, whether the person in question is terminally ill, aging and in poor health, or any person who simply wants to ensure their death is well prepared for in advance to ease the burden for their family, or if they have no family to rely upon.

Besliu funeral services in Brasov offer a wide variety of funeral plans to suit your budget and traditional/cultural requirements, or we can sit with you and discuss a bespoke plan that more suits your requirements. We will look at all the options and costs with you and organise a monthly payment plan that suits your budget and time frame for any impending funeral service.

A Besliu pre-paid funeral plan will include the organization of the entire funeral process, from signing all required legal documents within the time prescribed by law and all transportation, to the exact casket, accessories and location of the funeral service.

Our pre-paid funeral plans ensure you take control of the inevitable, an assurance of a service that will benefit you and your family in the future. If you are considering a pre-paid funeral plan in Brasov, then please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans do not require an age limit or a specific health condition. All persons over the age of 18 may invest in a funeral plan.