Besliu Funeral Services Brasov offers funerary repatriation services in Europe for Romanian citizens deceased abroad, respectively foreign citizens deceased in Romania. We support grieving families, providing advice on the repatriation of the deceased.

The cost of a deceased repatriation transport is calculated based on distance and time, depending on the time and total distance from Romania to the destination and back to the final resting place, plus other expenses. Contact us for any necessary information and for the price calculation in particular for transporting your loved one.


In order to ensure the repatriation transport service in Europe, the following documents are required:

  • Burial certificate.
  • Decease certificate.
  • Embalming certificate.
  • Public Health Direction certificate for funeral transport.


Useful information on repatriation:

If a family member or an acquaintance, Romanian citizen, died in another country, you should know the following:

  • The decease must be reported to the local authorities in that country;
  • The decease may also be recorded at the embassy or consulate of Romania in that country (not compulsory);
  • If the embassy or consulate of Romania is notified of the decease by local authorities, they inform the Ministry of Administration and Interior of Romania, who will notify the family about the decease of the Romanian citizen;
  • The registration of the decease at the embassy or consulate of Romania allows the embassy or consulate to issue a Romanian certificate of decease necessary for international funerary transport;
  • Attention: the issuance of the Romanian decease certificate can be done only on the basis of the decease certificate issued initially by the local authorities in the respective country and on the basis of other documents provided by the Romanian legislation;
  • If the registration of the decease was not done at the embassy or consulate, then the Romanian decease certificate will be issued in the country by the Romanian authorities on the basis of the foreign decease certificate and other documents provided by the Romanian legislation;
  • If death was caused by violent action, then request the intervention of local police authorities to investigate the case; carrying out investigations may delay the procedure of transporting the dead body to Romania;
  • If you found out about the decease during your stay in Romania, please notify, in writing, the MAE/Foreign Affairs Ministry Consular Relations Directorate at the following fax number: (021) 319-6869.


What can the consular staff of Romania do:

  • it can register the decease at the embassy or consulate and it can issue a Romanian decease certificate (based on the decease certificate issued by the local authorities and other documents provided by the Romanian legislation);
  • it can provide information on the procedures to be followed in the event of decease, as well as contact coordinates of funeral companies that carry out the incineration or the embalming and the transport of the dead body;
  • it can issue the mortuary passport required for the international transport of the dead body.


What the consular staff of Romania cannot do:

  • it cannot conduct research or investigations into the decease within a foreign state;
  • it cannot pay for the costs of incineration or burial and transport of the body in Romania;
  • it cannot cover any debts or remaining unpaid commitments of the deceased person.