Funeral procedures

Initial Consultation

Come and sit with us in our local Brasov funeral services office or simply give us a call and we’ll answer any question you may have. We provide advice and information necessary for organizing a funeral in Brasov, or funeral transportation throughout Romania and the EU. Besliu Funeral Services are here for anyone facing the strain of a Romanian funeral service for a loved one and needing to be informed in advance of the costs, issues and Romania funeral laws related to organizing and conducting a funeral.

We understand that losing a loved one is an emotional and confusing time. Besliu Funeral Services in Romania will sit with you and provide an easy to understand consultation and help explain the entire process, including issuing of the death certificate, certificate of burial, deposit authorization, chapel and any other questions, requirements or wishes you may have.

Declaration of death

‘Drawing act of death’ is the Romania death registration process based on terms and conditions established by Romanian law. Declaration of death must be made within 3 days of the date of death. This term encompasses both the date of death and how the death occurred, and the day on which the declaration is made. Documents should be submitted to the Office of deaths within the Romanian Civil Service.

For death based on a death certificate confirming that time has exceeded the limit of one year from the date when the event occurred, registration for ‘drawing of death act’ still occurs within the local department for registration of civil status (births & deaths), but you will need to contact them to see if there are any further documents required.

Required to make the declaration of death

  • Family members;
  • Relatives of the deceased.

In the absence of those listed above, Romania Declaration of Death may lie with roommate, neighbours, administration building staff, doctor or other person in the health unit where the death occurred. In a case where death occures in prison, or in an institution of social protection, the obligation to make the declaration of death lies with the prison or institution.

Documents required to declare death

  • Medical death certificate prepared and signed by the doctor who did the finding;
  • Acts of the deceased;
  • The identity of the deceased;
  • Birth and marriage certificate, if applicable;
  • Passport;
  • Military ID or, if applicable, certificate of appointment, for persons subject to
  • military obligations to 60 years;
  • The identity of the declarant;
  • Maintenance of the deceased Act, as applicable.

In special cases

  • Proof issued by police or prosecutors agreed when death from suicide, an accident or other violent death or if the registration is more than 3 days from the date of its occurrence.
  • In these cases of death, it is mandatory to have a Prosecutor Office stamp.
  • The report prepared by the doctor – if body found.
  • Communication from the prison administration in case the person died in a penitentiary institution.

The legal term for a declaration of death in Romania is 3 days after death. Documents are submitted to the Office of deaths within the Civil Service.

Forms completed by applicant

  • Statement by the legal heirs and estate, if the deceased was residing in the municipality of Brasov.
  • Statement of reasons of absence or military service record of the identity of the deceased.
  • Application for death in case of breach of the statutory period.

Note: all documents are submitted are required to be in original and copy.

Death certificate (is obtained based on the documents mentioned in marital status or mayor in whose jurisdiction the death occurred).

Office for records of deaths – Brasov City Hall Heroes Boulevard. No 8 Tel: 0268 416 550 ext. 168


  • Monday – Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00

Marital status – Brasov City Hall

Office 27 – Death Records (Entrance from N. Iorga Street)

Funeral government help

CNPAS funeral aid granted is a legal right of all pensioners and insured in accordance with law. Starting with 09 January 2020 the funeral support payment is 5,460 Lei. Aid is granted to a family member or the person who was responsible for the burial of the deceased, if it received a pension from the National House of Pensions.

Besliu funeral services of Brasov can help prepare the papers required to revieve the pansion due for you to collect, or, you can sign over legal empowerment to us so we can can proceed with the entire process and simply deduct the pension payment from the total funeral services cost.

Documents required to file preparation bereavement

  • Aid application form for burial;
  • Death certificate (original and copy);
  • Pension certificate of the deceased;
  • The identity of the applicant’s birth certificate and / or marriage (original and copy);
  • Documentation showing that the applicant has incurred funeral expenses (invoices and receipts).

If the applicant does not have documents proving the expenses of death, the death benefit can be paid to the entitled person on a statement on own responsibility that they have borne the funeral expenses. The contents of the statement shall expressly mention the fact that the person has knowledge of article 292 Penal Code, respectively: “declaring inadequate truth, or any false representation made to state agencies or other units of the referred article 145, in order to produce legal consequences for him or for another, when, according law or circumstances, the declaration serves to produce those consequences, is punishable with imprisonment from three months to two years or a fine.”

Help file for burial shall be filed

  • Pension Fund if the deceased was retired, insured or relative of an insured person;
  • Agency for Employment if the deceased was unemployed;
  • Employer if the deceased was employed.

Persons who may seek burial financial help

  • Surviving spouse
  • Child
  • Father
  • Guardian
  • Curator
  • Any person who proves funeral expenses

More details can be requested from the Brasov County Pensions

Address: Str. December 13, No 43A Tel: 0268/418 055, 0268/475 824 Secretary: 0268/478 779

Payment of unpaid pension of the deceased pensioner

In many cases we met with bereaved families who have asked how to do to qualify for pension payment for the month in which the death occurred.

Found below the necessary documents and information that can help in this case

Law no. 19/2000, Art. 97 says that if the pension has not been received by the retired deceased for the month in which the death occurred (or other rights outstanding due and unpaid pension until death), it can be paid to the husband / wife survivor, children, parents or, in their absence, other heirs.

Documents required for payment of the pension of the deceased shall be submitted to the Territorial House of Pensions sector where the deceased resided. Institution will issue a payment order (a certificate) and provide indications about Post Office (usually the post office where the deceased person was receiving pension).

Rights to aquire the Pension are required to be within the Pension general limitation period, within the period of three years calculated starting from the date of death. Our recommendation is to submit the file with papers as soon as possible.

Pension payment will be made for the month in which the deceased person passed away, regardless of elapsed days or hours in a month and if the pension has already been received by retiree before death.

Documents required:

  • Application form;
  • Death certificate (Original and copy);
  • The identity of the applicant (Original and copy);
  • the applicant’s civil status, which shows the degree of relationship to the deceased
  • (Original and copy);
  • Heir certificate (Original and copy);
  • A copy of the deceased’s pension payment slip.

Note: Acts as a file to be accepted for payment of the pension is necessary to add the certificate of inheritance, if the person making the request is not downward or upward of law: parents, children, husband, wife (cf. Civil Code, Cap. 1 Art 653). For more details about this situation we recommend you talk with a notary.

Documents required burial / cremation

Besliu funeral services of Brasov can assist in obtaining the necessary documents for burial or cremation and their release as soon as possible.

You will need the following documents:

  • Copy of initial death certificate from the doctor;
  • Embalming Certificate;
  • A certificate from Public Health for funeral transportation;
  • Death certificate;
  • Burial Certificate;
  • Contract of burial resting place.

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