Step by step guide

Finding of death by doctor certificate

When the unfortunate event of death occurres, ie death of a relative, loved one, friend or acquaintance, it is necessary to aquire the ‘finding of death’ by a doctor who will issue the medical certificate.

‘Finding of death’ can be made by physicians with a general practice. We can make contact with the family doctor or where the patient is registered to help aquire the ‘Finding of death’ certificate, but only after the examination and identification based on a document of identity of the deceased, and only if there is no doubt about the cause of death.


Embalming is a medical procedure that aims to preserve the deceased’s body from time of death prior to the funeral, giving a more natural look.

The embalming process needs to be done swiftly after the occurrence of death to give the mourners the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with the person lost. Following the procedure of embalming, a certificate is issued, the document required to transport the coffin and submit it to the chapel and final resting place.


Dressing the deceased service can be done either in your home or any other location indicated by the family, with respect of the rules of hygiene. Dressing the deceased is made from outfits provided by family or purchased from us, then the deceased is settled in the casket. Makeup for the deceased, as appropriate, at the request of the family.

Packing procedure refers to the sealing bodies, in an advanced state of decay and consists of performing all operations necessary for hermetic closing of the coffin.

Renting a bier

Although not required, a ‘Bier’ is a tall pedestal for visiting and mourning the deceased with candle holder at the head and feet. The bier is a customary settlement for the coffin, for use at home, in the chapel or church. We offer the possibility of renting the Bier for 72 hours.

Handling coffin

Handling and transport the coffin involves moving your loved one from home to the funeral at the chapel or church where you will have the official service, and from the service to the cemetery until the coffin is taken over by the cemetery staff to its final resting place.

Transportation process

Funeral transport service includes: transportation of the casket at home or hospital, transportation of the deceased to the church or the chapel and also to the cemetery.

Funeral transportation services need to be performed only by authorized persons with authorized funeral cars meeting EU standards. Transportation of the deceased is in the best conditions for storage and hygiene.

Besliu funeral services provide free Brasov funeral transportation, and a surcharge is added for transportation in any other city across the Romania or the EU. Transportation surcharges are calculated upon distance and time.

Romanian funeral transport services require the following documents:

  • Death Certificate;
  • Burial Certificate;
  • Embalming Certificate;
  • Publi Health authorization for funeral transportation.

Repatriation of the foreign deceased, respectively foreigners who died in Romania. We support the grieving family, advising regarding repatriation of the deceased approach.


Cremation may be carried out at the request of the deceased expressed during life, or at the request of concerned family or caregivers.

If you opt for cremation funeral service following documents are necessary

  • Death certificate;
  • Cremation Certificate;
  • Embalming Certificate;
  • Public Health authorization for funeral transportation;
  • Scheduling of Cremation.

Scheduling for cremation of the deceased is based on the documents above and copy of ID and original, the person requesting cremation, the human crematory inside INML Mina Minovici. Besliu funeral services of Brasov can help you simplify legal procedures, and we can also advise in organizing the ceremony. We can provide a transit coffin and a wide range of wooden urns metal or ceramic.

Organizing Commemorations

For remembrance of the dead, organizing memorial services, memorial services, so that you can show care and love for the deceased.

We offer services with several local restaurants and collaborate with specialized funeral catering for the remembrance of the dead. For more details about the organization of Memorial Services, please contact us via the form on the contact page or one of our contact numbers below.

Here at Besliu Funeral Services of Brasov, you can also find grief & support links and helpful information on the Romanian funeral legal procedures and documents.